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Power AND Amplifier product

Echo sound amplifier model 2400

Technical Specifications:

1.Voutput in 5 zones

2 ohm output

3. Having an eco function

4. The possibility of echo control in each line

5. With melody and ding dong

6. Has 3 microphone inputs

7. AUX has separate volume

8. It has USB

9. With 12V input

10. With stone holder



Ohmic power model ICON 700G


Technical Specifications:

1. It has 3 separate volume outputs

2. Each output has 400 watts

3. Has a separate volume for monitor output

4. Has a volume indicator to adjust the volume in each line



Desktop echo amplifier

Technical Specifications:

1. Microphone input

2. Flash RAM input

3. Bluetooth

4. Recorder

5. Two-mode echo

6. Ton volume


8. One hundred real watts

9. Ohm and output voltage

10.Output of ceiling and column speakers

11.It has an internal fan

Active electric amplifier with 14 inch woofer

with features:

1. Flash RAM entry

2. Bluetooth

3. Microphone input

4. Ability to connect additional bands

5. Input input to connect to all kinds of devices

6. The ability to connect to all types of mixers without the need for power

7. Has an internal fan

8. Real 300 watts


12 inch rechargeable eco amplifier





with features:
1. It has two microphone inputs
2. Instant and digital display of battery voltage
3. Bluetooth
4. Flash and RAM input
5. AUX input
6. It has two separate volumes for echo
7. It has two volumes, pitch and pitch
8. Rechargeable battery
9. Ability to connect to TV, computer, etc
10. Fidelity
11. It has a 3-channel audio mixer
12. The possibility of adding an output band
13. The ability to connect to the car battery
14. Output power 150 watts



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