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In the name of Allah

With a 20-year history, Suha sound has started working in the field of audio systems since 1373, and its experiences and activities have been added day by day.
And now able to produce, sell, install and implement audio devices

Suha sound  takes a great step in the field of sound by producing audio devices and runs towards the top of success with a very solid support.
Suha Sound is thinking about the economy of consumers and producers by producing audio devices by engineers and audio technicians and referring consumers, shopkeepers, installing and implementing audio projects all over the country at a very reasonable price.
We have made every effort to ensure that consumers use our brand devices
(solton) to have the utmost satisfaction.

Suhasoot sales engineers are ready to provide advice to you at any time by taking advantage of the experience and knowledge of the audio industry as well as the familiarity, testing and use of new equipment and technology.



Mobile number 09137908971 Khodadadi

Isfahan representative


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